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CEO Message

Welcome to SAAO Trade!

Let me take this opportunity to thank our existing customers for their support and trust with us for over a decade.In the chaotic corporate environment with encircles of competition our job becomes increasingly difficult as we progress into the future.

We have moved onto the KITS platform this year which brings with it unparalleled technology and convenience at the customers fingertips. The KITS platform is accessible using the PC as well as all smart phones bringing in a new paradigm of remaining informed and trading almost anywhere and everywhere.

SAAO Capital has been operating as a full service(s) brokerage entity since 2006 with a vision to enable clients to trade efficiently with trust and confidence and highest ethical standards reflected in our operations history.

Investing is all about timing and insight, at SAAO Capital we envision the best for our clients in providing them. 

Happy Investing!

Mohammad Ali Saeed
Chief Executive