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Company Profile

SAAO Capital Private Limited is a Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) holder at the KSE, a corporate brokerage entity, registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to provide equities brokerage, investment banking, financial advisory and wealth management solutions. SAAO Trade is the latest product offering of the firm keeping up with its evolution in facilitating and serving its customers better
Why SAAO Trade

Online Trading has never been so Convenient!!!
SAAO Capital Private Limited a Corporate Member of the Karachi Stock Exchange through its latest product “SAAO Trade” offers its clients throughout the country an exciting opportunity to access the largest financial bourse in Pakistan with over 600 listed companies and a market capitalisation of over $55 billion.
Investors, retired persons, housewives and professionals now have the access to access the KSE platform on a click of a button from anywhere and everywhere. Our extensive portal offers its users a bouquet of services from real time streaming quotes, portfolio tracking, online order execution and in-depth technical and fundamental research. The run only application/web interface requires minimum computing hardware and a standard internet connection.

Why Trade with SAAO?

With the everchanging dynamic environment of capital markets in Pakistan, SAAO Trade was a logical step forward combined with the following benefits:
Time Factor
Online instructions and executions are not human dependent and therefore execute within seconds confirming order details and updating portfolio positions with no delays.

Equity investments are personalized decisions therefore, all online orders are executed without human intervention safeguarding the confidentiality of the transaction.

Anywhere & Everywhere
SAAO Trade has no geographic restrictions and can be accessed through the internet from anywhere and everywhere, using either the desktop application on your PC or Notebook, or else if you are constantly on the Go, through the web using any browser.

Invest with Convenience & Control
Make a plan and use the state of the art features on the suite to create portfolios within minutes at your convenience.

Integrated Account Management
Stay upto date with your equity positions, cash and outstanding trades, with real-time balances and more.

Stock Screeners & Alerts
The ability to sort stocks on the basis of their daily performance with Alerts on price movements and index fluctuations. The Application also provides alerts on stocks hitting their upper or lower circuits or any user defined alerts that are defined.

Technical Charting
Technical analysis is considered an imperative tool for a trader, the Application allows user’s to use 20+ technical charting tools on real-time and historical data for analysing trends in the market.

Fundamental Research Coverage
Our clients irrespective of the size of their holdings or brokerage accounts are provided with a three tiered research prospect covering fundamental analysis on blue chip firms in the form of pre-result analyst updates and then subsequent post result updates, along with macro-economic statistical bulletins covering the macro’s of the country and region, other statistics cover market performance, outstanding trades, leveraged position analysis and top performers and laggers for the day.

No Ancillary Charges
There are no additional or extra charges that you have to pay, except for the SAAO Trade Commission, Government Taxes and CDC charges which are already reflected in your account statements, and on our website in the “Downloads” section. SAAO Trade does not charge an Account opening fee or maintenance fee from its customers. there are “NO” charges for maintenance or updation of your account.