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Management Profile

Our management's combined experience spans over 75 years


 Mohammad Ali Saeed - Chief Executive

Ali Saeed is the young and energetic soul leading SAAO Capital Private Limited as its Chief Executive, over the years he has played a pivotal role in establishing the firm and later on enacting the strategy function. His professional experience converges from over 10+ years of diverse indulgence in the fields of portfolio management and institutional/retail sales of equities to domestic and foreign market participants. His responsibilities have encompassed a wide range of roles from effectively marketing the firm to domestic, retail and corporate institutions and also managing the entire settlement cycle. He has been a board member on three committees (Trading & Company Affairs, Demutualization & New Products) at the Karachi Stock Exchange from 2007 to 2012.
Previously Ali was a Portfolio Manager for Alfalah GHP, an asset management company owned by the Abu Dhabi Group, supervising the compositions of three funds ranging from equities to pure fixed income, incorporating a concave ideology in initiating and later on balancing the funds dynamics. Prior to that Ali was an Investment Banker with Deloitte & Touche in London looking at the M&A and LBO channel checks in the Asia Pacific Rim focusing on Malaysia & Philippines.
The initial years of Ali’s career were focused towards research in which he was involved in both buy and sell side research and macro-economic analytics, his research career has instilled him to write over numerous buy and sell side company reports coupled with over 50 white papers on exploratory and descriptive analysis including a white paper on GDR issuances and an independent study on Ecological Industrial Parks. His passion for developmental economics has encouraged him to write a book on PPP (Public Private Partnerships) that is co-authored by an American consultant.
His association with academia entailed him to qualify for a Masters degree in Finance & Economics from the prestigious Graduate School of Business at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, UK and a complementary Bachelors degree in Business & IT from the University of Curtin, Perth Australia, during his professional career he has also attended numerous workshops on Corporate Finance, Treasury functions, Investment Banking & Modern Portfolio Techniques in London, New York, Chicago & Dubai.
Ali is renowned for his highly engaging, thought provoking and practical approach towards coaching and mentoring professionals. He is a Corporate Trainer associated with Octara and specialises in in-house and open enrolment workshops on areas such as Investment Banking, Security Valuation, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Leadership, Econometrics, Advance Research Methods and Effective Financial Presentations just to name a few, he is also a regular visiting faculty member at leading business schools in Karachi lecturing MBA & EMBA students.


Mohammad Omer Saeed - Managing Director

As the Managing Director of SAAO Capital, his responsibilities include advising clients about equities investments, portfolio management and derivatives trading in the CSF market.  He is actively involved in the risk management of the firm containing the fluctuations in the market.
Mr. Omer Saeed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Commerce and his experience in the field of finance spans almost a decade. He initially began his career with Bank Alfalah Limited, where he gained exposure to the Commercial Banking system in the country and later on served for four years on the Institutional Sales desk at SAAO Capital dealing with Bank treasuries, Pension funds and Asset Management concerns. His other responsibilities included managing the sizeable portfolio for HNWI clients.
Mr. Omer Saeed is also actively involved in real estate investments and has gained sound working knowledge and front line exposure in the field of modern construction over the past four years where he has completed four commercial and residential projects.


Muhammad Yakoob - General Manager

Mr. Yakoob is a seasoned professional whose association with the capital markets spans over three decades, in his life long career he has seen the gradual transition of the Karach Stock Exchange from a small out cry operation to a revamped exchange with the advent of the Central Depository Company, National Clearing Company, KATS and several other market reforms.
He was previously associated with Amin Siddiq Parekh Securities as their Head of Settlement & Operations, his responsibilities there included the monitoring and compliance of the entire settlement cycle from trade execution to its final settlement. Over his career he has held several roles within the back-office, settlement and operations at Siddiq Moti Securities, Abdul Aziz Patel Securities, & Haji Haroon Kapadia Securities.
Currently Mr. Yakoob is the General Manager at SAAO Capital ensuring the smooth settlement cycle of the Ready, Futures and CSF markets with an active correspondence on behalf of SAAO Capital with the NCHS, CDC and NCCPL. His other responsibilities ensure the timely dissemination of client positions, feedback on customer inquiries related to the settlement and other operations and the mark to market of the futures as well as the MTS transactions for our leveraged clientele base.


Muhammad Shahid - Equity Dealer

Shahid has been associated with SAAO Capital since its inception. In the beginning he was involved in deal execution on the institutional side but now has taken a mature role of heading the dealing desk as a Dealer in equities, advising clients on positions and maintenance of orders.


Muhammad Danish Memon – Database

Danish is responsible for maintenance of the equities database. He ensures the smooth availability of historical corporate announcement and pricing data.

Rizwan Rafique

Rizwan Rafique is associated with SAAO Capital as Equity Dealer to Deal Institutions & Retail Clients.He is 12 Years Experience in Different Houses as Equity Dealer His Responsibility to Manage Clients Portfolio & to Advise Then about Their Investment & Buying Selling Rizwan Rafique is Graduate From (Govt) Commerce College In 2010.